• NIX Hu-Motion Review


    PROS / Photo reproduction is very good with this frame, especially in terms of color.

    CONS / The lack of a Wi-Fi connection makes it more difficult to access online photo collections.

    VERDICT / This is our favorite of the non-internet-connected digital photo frames because of its great picture quality.

    Nixplay makes Wi-Fi-digital photo frames, but the NIX X08D is not one of them. It is still excellent in many ways, though, including picture quality and user-friendliness.

    NIX Hu-Motion

    Our reviewers had a few qualms about how this frame automatically resizes certain photos to fit, and in our tests, we had to reduce the size of one test photo repeatedly to get it to play on this frame. That was inconvenient when comparing it to the frames that played everything automatically on the first try. However, once all our test photos were in rotation on the screen, they looked really nice. One reviewer even declared it was the best digital frame in our review, saying it had "great colors" and a "good, crisp quality, no grain."

    The Hu-Motion Sensor is very responsive. It times out and turns itself off if it does not detect any movement within a range of 2.5 meters, and it immediately comes back on when anyone enters the room. This energy-conserving feature can not only save on your electric bill but makes it easier to use overall. Once you set it up there is no reason to change anything unless you want to add photos.

    The Hu-Motion feature is just one reason this digital photo frame earned the highest possible Ease of Use score during our digital picture frame evaluation. Another great feature we liked is the easy-to-use remote control that allows you to tab through photos from across the room.

    Although it is not connected to the internet for easy access to Netflix or other video content, the NIX X08D can accommodate video that you have on USB/SD/SDHC cards. Video is easier than ever to record, so you may have as many videos as you do photos. This frame can allow you to enjoy them on a nice big screen rather than on your cellphone.

    One drawback with this frame is the lack of any internal memory. You can use camera cards and jump drives to display a large collection of photos, but none of them are ever stored on this electronic picture frame, which is somewhat inconvenient.


    We generally prefer the frames that can connect to the internet but the picture quality and other features make Nixplay's X08D an attractive option – the best option in the opinion of one of our reviewers. This frame could be just right for sharing your favorite memories offline.

    NIX Hu-Motion